Light and Motion Sensor Program
Correlation Experiment
Bonaire July 9-16, 2010




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Introduction The goal of the experiment. Introduction of subsequent videos See video on Utube Introduction
USCLab Interview with Dr. Burt Jones. Instruments on the P-Bop explained See video At USC with Burt
P-BOP to Rainbow Sensor

Tom Reynolds explains how the Fluorometer and Rainbow Sensors work to measure organic content



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Ciee Bonaire Assembly of the P-Bop. Interview with CIEE interns video see
Yellow Submarine Bouyance testing of P-Bop at Yellow Submarine. Underwater video of the Rainbow Sensors video  
Shore Experiments Still pictures of Bonaire shore showing algae distribution. Result of discussion with CIEE interns and Drs. Peachy and Jones    
Correlation Experiment The correlation experiment debriefing.    
correlation experiment_2