• Early warning of coral reef degradation
  • Low-cost, local initiative design
  • Year-round water temperature and visibility
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How to Fund a Rainbow Sensor Array

We understand that only a small percentage of dive resorts can fund a rainbow sensor array themselves. However in most cases the dive resort doesn’t need to. Your guests will be more than willing to pay for the array as long as the dive resort will service the arrays,

All you have to do is ask them!

On Bonaire, divers and dive clubs funded 13 rainbow sensor arrays to the tune of over $13,000USD and they did it in three months. This is because divers are deeply interested and concerned with the health of coral reefs.

A Wakatobi style Rainbow Sensor cost only $1000. The Bonaire style only $1300. Considering the number of guests the typical resort or local services in a season, one can readily see that even small donations will quickly add up to the cost of a Rainbow Sensor


Talk it Up

Simply talk up the Rainbow Sensor Program for your location.

Explain what it will mean to the locals. Make them understand that an increase in the organic content of the water is essentially fertilizing the algae that can choke the coral. Educate them that it takes scientific evidence that proves that organic content is up because of local pollution, not just their observations of the reef, which can be subject to interpretation.

Advise them of the benefits, to them, from a Rainbow Sensor installation. How year round water temperature and visibility information will let them know what exposure protection to pack and what visibility to expect.

Make them understand that the dive resort is asking for help, not a handout.

The dive resort is committing to construct and install the Rainbow Sensor array from the parts the guests purchase and weekly service the array, cleaning the sensors and offloading the data.

Show your guests the data on the web. The first Rainbow Sensor Program, the Light and Motion Sensor Program on Bonaire has over two years of data. Your guests will see temperature and visibility history similar to what will be displayed for your local in the future

Display a Poster
The Rainbow Sensor Program will supply any reasonable amount of 13” x19” posters for display. These attractive posters tell the story of the Rainbow Sensor Program and invite donations

Ask for Help
A good part of the funding for the Bonaire Rainbow Sensor came from dive clubs. If you are willing to display a poster but are concerned that your guests cannot or will not fund an array, the Rainbow Sensor Program will contact dive clubs and ask them to help you.

You Can Do This if You Only Want to.


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