• Early warning of coral reef degradation
  • Low-cost, local initiative design
  • Year-round water temperature and visibility
Results From Around the World

Rainbow Sensor Program Locations

Rainbow Sensor Program locations fall into three classifications

  1. Installed locations yielding data
  2. Funded locations that have/or in the processes of installed Rainbow Sensor arrays but no data has been received and processed as of yet.
  3. Funding Locations. Locations trying to fund Rainbow Sensor arrays.

Installed Locations Yielding Data

The Light and Motion Sensor Program on Bonaire.

This program is actively supported by the Bonaire National Marine Park, Ramon DeLeon-Director. Albert Bianculli manages the volunteer team that services the thirteen sensors. Both gentlemen have been involved from the inception and they are as responsible as anyone for the development of the Rainbow Sensor Program

The program has beenĀ  funded entirely by donations.
Bonaire National Marine Park website

Data Page

Wakatobi Dive Resort, Indonesia.

The resort funded two sensors themselves. The two sites are:



Funded Locations

The University of Philippines will install 9 rainbow sensors in 6 locations, one of which will be Puerta Galera

Funding Locations


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