• Early warning of coral reef degradation
  • Low-cost, local initiative design
  • Year-round water temperature and visibility
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Rainbow Sensor Program
Quick Start Guide

This is just a quick start guide to get the necessary files offloaded and transmitted to Los Angeles. Please read the Hobo Shuttle Guide (9184_E-Man_BHW_PC.pdf) and all supplied documentation (pages 1 of 10 through 10 of 10) before using underwater.

  1. Install software on proper PC. Directions are includes with the CD. Operating system must be Windows XP.
    Software Instructions
    1. Load the software on the CD on a computer that has a USB port
      1. Software requires a Java runtime that will be downloaded automatically
      2. Install Hoboware_Setup
        1. Uncheck the box Launch when Finished
      1. Install Hoboware_Pro_Updater
        1. Leave Launch on Exit Checked
        2. Update once per week: NO
        3. Start Setup Assistance
          1. Select USB devices only
          2. Select Unit system: SI
          3. Make no changes to Data Assistants. (Just click next)
          4. Click done.
      1. Software should successfully load. If for some reason there is a problem please email. The software is available from a FTP site.
  2. Offload data from all Sensors (Hobo Pendants)
    1. Shuttles have been sent launched.
    2. Follow Directions “Reading out and launching loggers in the field” on page 3 of 10 and offload data from all sensors (Hobo Pendants) supplied
  3. Offload data to file
    1. Set computer to UTC time (no daylight savings time). Use available Internet based service to synchronize clock on the PC.
      1. Control panel > Date and Time > Internet Time > Update Now
      2. Make sure that time.windows.com or some other time service is entered in the Server block.
    1. Connect Hobo Shuttle to PC
    2. Follow Directions “Reading out data from a logger” which is on page 10 of 10. (It is pages 29 and 30 of the “Hoboware Pro User’s Guide”
    3. Make sure that all offloaded files are deleted from the Hobo Shuttle
    4. Synchronize Shuttle time with the PC
  1. Email files to Tom Reynolds.
  2. Place the sensors in some location where they can see some light but where the will not get too hot.
  3. Wait. Do not place the sensors in the water. The files will be reviewed
  4. After review you will be instructed to offload the files again and send them to Los Angeles. The files will be reviewed again.
  5. Once the data process has been verified it will be time to put the Rainbow Sensors in the water.



Tom Reynolds
Rainbow Sensor Program Manager


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